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Lavanda di Venzone
The Lavanda di Venzone Project

Paolo Toso, Owner

Ms. Elsa she used to bring every year in July, in my shop Venzone,
a magnificent and fragrant bouquet of lavender that I would put near the cash register.
Customers, after having admired it, asked me:
"It is the lavender of ... ?"
And I would say simply:
"This is the lavender of Venzone."

Our history began this way...

Open with Us
Open a Lavanda di Venzone point of sale

Open with Us

Look in your city for a Purple Point and if you don't find it... open your!

Enter into one of our stores means
slow down the run;
let your eyes free to watch;
smell the scent of lavender in the air;
find soaps, bath salts, talc, perfumers;
can choose by dosing, as in the past
the desired quantities;
experience the feeling of being wrapped in the clean and simplicity;
be lulled by purple color of Lavanda.

The Lavanda di Venzone Properties
Discover the benefits and properties of Lavender of Venzone

Beautiful to look at, pleasant smell, soothing, auspicious and even therapeutic: this medicinal plant whose virtues were already known to the Romans, who used it to scent the water of homes and spas, has the same properties of the land where it grows copious.

The purple color makes us feel a sense of tranquility and contemplation helping concentration and balancing the emotional states and stress.

Its color and its scent have a positive effect on the body and mind, restoring the contact with our deepest energies.

It is sedative and balancing
of the central nervous system and vegetative.

It is anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory:
externally applied is very effective to soothe the pains of joint or muscle origin.

It is antiseptic and healing:
the lavender infusion is used for washing ulcers and wounds because it helps to heal quickly.

It is relaxing and restful:
a hot bath with lavender helps eliminate the feeling of fatigue.

It is balsamic:
vapors inhaled accelerate the cure of laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, bronchial catarrh and colds.

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It is a hydroalcoholic extract obtained by grinding the flower of Lavandula angustifolia collected in Venzone in an alcohol solvent.

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It is a new essence based on Lavandula angustifolia collected in Venzone.

The Products of Lavanda di Venzone

The world of Lavanda di Venzone