Cosmetics based on lavender

The Lavanda di Venzone offers a simple line for the body
that matches the major cosmetic needs of the person.
They are a selection of products for the treatment of imperfections of the face and body,
carefully chosen to ensure the highest quality.

They are the last link in the production chain that starts
from the cultivation carried out by its members, for further processing
in specific laboratories.

The harvest is destined for direct use as bunches
and dried flowers, or for the production
of the essential oil, the base component of our products.


Visage Line

  •   Facial Cleansing Milk
  •   Drops of silk
  •   Tonic lotion
  •   Daytime face cream
  •   Facial Scrub
  •   Anti-aging face cream
  •   Soothing face mask
  •   Eye contour serum
  •   Lips ointment
Acqua degli innamorati

Body Line

  •   Scented water
  •   Milk body moisturizer
  •   Balsamic gel fatigue
  •   Foot cream deodorant
  •   Foot bath sanitizing
  •   Massage oil
  •   Deodorant Potassium
  •   Bathroom-shower
  •   Shampoo and conditioner
  •   Salt scrub
  •   Firming cream
  •   Cellulite cream
  •   Stretch Mark cream
  •   Decontracturing cream
  •   Suntan lotion
  •   Air silk hair
  •   Liquid soap

Products for bath


The Lavanda di Venzone dedicates a series of products
also for cleaning and personal hygiene
that begin from squat and square soaps, cut by hand
and made with the ancient cold method of the soap makers,
just like the ones that our grandma used with us.
Other products offered are the romantic talc,
salts and starches, bombs effervescent,
for refined choices or cheerful.


Complement the decor,
with a touch of sophistication,
the embroidered towels
by expert hands of skilled craftsmen
who in their embroidery
realize them with mastery.


Room scents

Several products of Lavanda di Venzone are dedicated to the living areas
to transmit pleasant and positive feelings
in the places where we live and work:
potpourri with lilac and lavender,
incenses nontoxic manufactured in Italy, romantic silk or linen bags
embroidered in the best traditions of our grandmothers,
and pumice stones that absorb odors.

Modern and also dedicated to furnishings
are the absorb odors vessels and the perfume diffusers with sticks
obtained from stems of dried lavender.


A large assortment of candles, prepared
with natural wax of lavender, without fumes of lead,
allows a wide choice to satisfy most needs.
There are also mosquito repellent candles, disinfectants and insect-repellents,
all pleasantly scented and suitable for night
outdoor summer.

scents diffusers

The food delicacies

In their workshops able bakers
churn out bread sticks, cookies, meringues
...a delight for the most refined palates.

The composition of herbal teas is studied
with particular attention:
the tisane of happiness, love, wellbeing,
the relaxing and regenerating tisane
and the good night infusion.

The world of flowers of lavender enriched,
with a fine and delicate flavor,
new recipes to pleasantly surprise the guests.

To add a touch of creativity
to your dishes even honey, jams
and liqueurs flavored with lavender
know unusual uses.

Objects and Decors

Plates, cups, teapots ...
and many other products with a unique design
that are produced exclusive to
the Lavanda di Venzone in the laboratories of capable artisans.

Products made by hand:
It is the feature that distinguishes our Company
to try to maintain traditional values.

We do research, we transform, we build, we try.

We are more than what you see,
we look behind things and even more often
we are a vision inside the things.

Each object is a piece of us,
and therein lies the added value;
this is what people receive from us:
the added value into things.